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The travel expert safaris ug is a tour and travel company stationed in Uganda aiming to provide tourist with the best adventure, leisure and all kinds of field trips in east Africa. This is one way of promoting conservation to the east African wildlife through promoting domestic tourism. Your support of visiting east Africa means a lot the wildlife in Africa, you may not real understand what this real means but with the help of tourist in the wild save a lot.

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Our strong local presence ensures effective client handling and on-site control, which is the key to good holidays. The travel expert ug Safaris has offices and operation bases in Uganda which is the final destination of all the safaris.


We give you a cost breakdown of your Safari and let you see the financials including our profit. We maintain a low overhead that allows us to operate on a lower profit margin of not more than 8% which in many cases makes us lower and gives our customers substantial savings.

Vehicle Fleet & Tour Drivers

We own fleet of both safari and the regular travel vehicles, professionally maintained, clean and reliable at affordable rates. We also have experienced knowledgeable and courteous tour/safari driver/guides, who are excellent gamespotters. Our tour drivers have a 99% road safety record

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